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Horse Riding Lessons

One Hour Riding Lesson


– Experienced Instructor
– Horse matched to rider or
– Bring your own horse
– Loan of safety equipment
– over 50 years of horse knowledge


Learn to ride a horse with combined teaching experience of over 100 years, the instructors at Harlow Park can match you to the horse that suits you. It does not matter what level a rider you are, the instructors at Harlow Park can give you the confidence to pursue your equine goals.

Harlow Park can offer lessons for riders aged from 3 to 100 years old and they can work with any experience level. If you want to learn to ride they want to teach you and will.

Adventure Trail Ride

Want More Riding?

Tag along with whatever rides we are having that day. You can come for half a day or for a full day. We will provide you with lunch and ensure you are back in time to be home. Drop the kids off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.

Half day of riding


– Experienced Instructor
– Horse matched to rider
– Loan of safety equipment


Full Day of riding


– Experienced Instructor
– Horse matched to rider
– Loan of safety equipment


Horse Riding lessonsHorse Riding lessons

Jan’s After School Riders

This is for the keenest of Jan’s students who continually come every week for a lesson.

We love to see people who are dedicated to riding so for riders who continually turn up every week, the 10th ride is on Harlow Park.

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Sunday Saddle Club

The Harlow Park Sunday Saddle Club is a one of sign up fee of $30 and after that every Saddle Club Day is $60 per session.

For riders that have always wanted a horse but don’t have the experience this is the option for you. The Sunday Saddle club is a three-hour tuition on everything horse related. As part of the SSC you will learn how to catch bridle, saddle and in fact learn all that you need to learn to be able to look after a horse yourself. Parents who would like to learn more about horses are encouraged to come along. All saddle clubbers receive notes and activities so they can remember what they have learnt.

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Acess to:

– Discounted Rides
– Extended Time
– Horse foundations


Saddle Club Half Day


– A fun half day
– Quiet horses
– Experienced Instructors
– Perfect for beginners or
– Skill development